Social Responsibilities

Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort was built by Shri Arjundas S. Doyal, an industrialist and social activist who has also worked relentlessly in the development of his ancestral village at Jaloda, Pokhran, Rajasthan.

He believes in giving back to his cultural roots. He is the patron to the Kesarbai S. Memorial Hospital, the best primary health center in Jaloda, Pokhran. He has also opened the Kesarbai S. Memorial School, the first English Medium School with residential accommodation in Pokhran for the upliftment of the society, Veterinary Clinics and has also built and maintains Temples. He works closely with companies that sponsor education and healthcare.

Taking forward his work as a renowned interior designer, he created a master piece of art and elegance in the name of Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort, Jaisalmer. The pride and glow on his face tells more than just a simple story of the hotel, it reflects a deep involvement, love and care built over long years of service and support. For the people of Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort and the villages around and about, the hotel has woven lives  and sustained daily livelihoods.

For us, at Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort, the people and the community are our family and our responsibility. Desert Tulip ensure a sustainable and progressive community by providing employment in numerous ways to the people of the villages and in Jaisalmer. Most of our staff comes from neighboring homes and are then trained and groomed by experts.

We practice organic gardening and have a state-of-the-art filtration system for our swimming pool which allows us to recycle, and therefore conserve precious ground water.

The stone work, fabric, artifacts, crafts, glass work and other décor used at Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort has been created and crafted by local artisans and artists. Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort is a home away from home with palatial comforts. But we never quite forget that the soul of Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort is in its people. We do not believe that our guests should have to worry about how much water they use, how many towels and clothes they give for laundry. That is for us to worry about, and take the necessary steps to minimize our guests’ and our impact on the environment.